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Time saving

With iC Plus, fleet managers can benefit from efficient and targeted maintenance planning as they manage their vehicles – for effective time savings.

Needs-based maintenance

As well as having regular maintenance intervals mapped out, needs-based maintenance can also be planned with AI-assisted maintenance management in the cargofleet 3 digital maintenance calendar, depending on the vehicle components.

No vehicle breakdowns

The intelligent iC Plus running gear and targeted predictive maintenance minimise unplanned downtime and breakdowns. At the same time, better use can be made of the vehicles, and life becomes easier for drivers.

Cost reduction

Costs for maintenance and repairs can be reliably monitored and optimised by iC Plus with status monitoring. This can avoid total breakdowns.

Features of the intelligent running gear generation

The iC Plus running gear generation

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Trailer running gear

Running gear from the iC Plus line sits in the 9 t standard segment and consists of the regular unit plus brake pad wear sensors to indicate when pads are approaching their wear limits. The intelligent running gear from BPW is available with a disc brake and the ECO Air or AIRLIGHT II suspension – with a drum brake option coming in future.

TC Trailer Gateway

The TC Trailer Gateway Basic telematics solution is connected to the vehicle’s EBS. It uses AI and algorithms to collect and process data and then forwards this via an open interface.

cargofleet 3

The cargofleet 3 all-in-one telematics portal displays all the gathered vehicle data. Logistics and vehicle processes can be managed efficiently with targeted, AI-assisted maintenance management and tools such as the maintenance calendar.



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Decidedly different – the iC Plus functions


An intelligent algorithm calculates the brake performance based on previously generated data and supplies information about the vehicle’s braking behaviour.

Brake pad sensing

Sensors help to calculate when the brake pads are approaching their wear limits. This means optimum use of the pads and prevents them being changed too soon or too late.


The BPW TyreMonitor (TPMS) is made up of individual sensors that continuously measure the tyre pressure. If the pressure drops, the AirSave tyre pressure refill system (TPRS) can top up the air reliably. Both services are included, only the hardware must be procured additionally.

Axle load display

A digital display shows the current load on the axles and helps to ensure the vehicle is used efficiently. Plus, because this prevents overloading, it also means greater safety for the driver and the cargo.

Digital maintenance calendar

Upcoming maintenance deadlines are managed directly in cargofleet 3 with the help of a digital maintenance calendar. Vehicle operators can view vehicle history information when monitoring their fleet and can consult maintenance instructions.

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Get to know iC Plus now and receive individual advice.

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